Buy Magical Nail Paints by Sally Hansen Online

Beauty is a deal between hesitation and freedom. “Sally Hansen” was a lady who believed that beauty (for a woman) is the power, which generates the inner fuel of wisdom. She believed in herself and created her own brand and brought it in front of the world. The brand was a huge success then and still counting. “Sally Hansen Inc” is the world-leading cosmetics brand. It was an American establishment set up in 1946. It has become one of the best nail brands in the USA.


The gel nail paints by Sally Hansen is one of the bestselling nail products in the range. “As u sow, so shall you reap”, this phrase is so fitting for a homemaker. We work the whole day with our powerful hands and make histories through them, but always tend to act lazy when it comes to taking care of them. It is said that if we keep our face soft and supple it clearly hides our age. And the saying goes with our nails too. It is the utmost possibility that hands tend to get wrinkles and patches soon if not taken care of them and healthy-looking nails can be a veil to beautify our hands and legs.


We know that manicures and pedicures at the salon can be our best friend, but it cannot really be a feasible option for everyone. Going to beauty salons are both expensive and time-consuming. So you need some easier options to beautify your nails easily anywhere and anytime. Nail paints by Sally Hansen could be your rescue option in this situation!


Keep Your Nails Chiseled and Polished


The trend of nail extensions and fake nails is trapping the market nowadays. But it costs a hell lot of expense for your pocket. There are lots of DIY’s by which we can get almost the same result. Just buy fake nails and nail paints by Sally Hansen which is suitable for your skin tone. You can select and buy one of the best nail paints by Sally Hansen online from 1click4all.


Long-Lasting Nail Polish in the Market


Nail paints by Sally Hansen doesn’t chap with time. It is highly rated and is a long-lasting nail polish available in the market. Can you imagine the scene when you are in a very important meeting and your nail polish is looking chapped and horrible even when you have gone through many sessions of nail treatments! Be sure that the nail paints by Sally Hansen won’t let you down. It’s a quick-dry polish that tends to last longer than any other brand of nail polish that is available in the market.


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Gift yourself extravagant cosmetics from Estee Lauder

Who doesn’t want to groom Estee Lauder products when you get at a meager price? Well, do not worry as 1click4all has come up with some exotic collections of skin care. We know that you have not taken care of yourself for a very long time. This is the right time for you to glorify your mesmerizing beauty. Click that button and get yourself some of the best skincare and fragrance from Estee Lauder for this Christmas. Take your time and think about how gorgeous and ravishing will you look when you walk with your girlfriends on Christmas evenings. We will tell you why Estee Lauder products are your grooming friends.

Embellish yourself with fragrance

Everybody loves good perfumes; however, getting that unique fragrance is everyone’s desire. 1click4all has some of the most excellent collections of perfumes from Estee Lauder that will boggle your mind. Our Estee Lauder Pleasure Eau De Perfume Spray 30ML has stormed the market. Hurry up; this is a limited edition fragrance bottle. Get your bottle and embellish the fragrance with affection.

Refresh your skin with Estee Lauder make up balm

Makeup balm should be a matter of choice for any woman. But, we have expert team members who hand-pick fashionable make up kit according to the latest trend. Oh, wait! Are you worried about the skin-friendly tone? Worry not, Estee Lauder’s Perfectionist Serum is suitable for all the types of skins. This skin lotion has been produced with the light and fresh serum powered technology added with medium buildable coverage of Satin finish.

Do You Need Beauty Essential kit?

Estee Lauder Blockbuster covers all the cosmetic kit for you. For smoothening the skin, you can use our Estee Lauder Blockbuster, where stepwise guidance will be offered to you. We will tell you in detail about the products and its usage; however, after you apply it, you will bid goodbye to your local beautician. You should also know that Estee Lauder has stormed the beauty market since its inception. Get yourself enigmatic products from the beauty line of Estee Lauder.

1click4all deals only with original products

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Grab Your Favourite MAC Cosmetics Online!

MAC, an acronym for “Make-up Art Cosmetics” is a Canadian makeup giant that resonates class and quality. It was primarily started for make-up artists to create a look for fashion shoots, films, and magazine covers. But soon it caught up with retail marketing. It created many trends in the fashion arena and is a dear brand to all the fashion conscious. The fashion industry and the modelling circuit were the first ones to try MAC cosmetics but it soon spread to the local markets for retail sales. Now every common girl has a fetish for this brand and owns one!

Where Are These MAC Cosmetics Sold?

MAC cosmetics was originally founded and manufactured in Canada but gradually with its globalization and growing demand, its manufacturing units started in Italy and the United States of America as well. There is a MAC lover in each region of the world. With online marketing and several E-commerce websites, its sale has gone higher and is still growing. The easy availability around the globe through online sellers has made MAC an even more popular brand.

Are MAC Cosmetics Overrated And Highly Expensive?

If you compare MAC cosmetics with locally manufactured cosmetic brands, who may find it a little pricy but believe it friends, it’s worth every penny. The quality, the texture, the coverage, the feel, the look, and the final payoff are unmatchable! The price paid for MAC cosmetics is justified and you will be highly proud and satisfied with its possession!

Is MAC The Best Makeup Brand?

Indeed! Although makeup and cosmetics are personal choices and what one may like may not be a favourite to the other. But there is hardly anyone who dislikes MAC cosmetics. The foundation range and the lipsticks are the most popular pick of this brand. The shade range and the durability is to die for! It meets all the market standards and parameters. The flawless base makeup gives the best photo-friendly look!

Is MAC Lipstick Safe For Use?

Undoubtedly, MAC cosmetics are safe and skin-friendly. The one thing that imposes hazard in a lipstick is the lead content in it. All MAC lipsticks have permitted levels of lead (approved by FDA) and are safe to use. MAC cosmetics are also coming up with certain lead-free lipstick ranges and the safety concerns for these would be question less!

Where Can You Avail Genuine MAC Cosmetics Online?

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Looking For Authentic Penhaligon’s Perfumes- Here is Your Pick!

Everybody knows the British perfume giant Penhaligon’s; however, you should also know that the company always comes with some limited production. Further, such products go out of the market very soon. Now, the question may arise to you about getting your limited edition Penhaligon’s perfumes. Let us reveal the secret; we are the only store where you can find products from Penhaligon’s. If you do not believe this, go to our official site and check the latest bottle of fragrance.

Why Should You Consider Getting Penhaligon’s Perfumes?

Everybody knows the story of Henry Penhaligon in Europe. If you do not know, we will tell you about the famous Penhaligon’s fragrances. Meanwhile, Henry Penhaligon was a perfumer and court barber to Queen Victoria. Likewise, Penhaligon’s perfume was founded in the 1860s. At that time, it was only used by aristocrats across the world, selected British politicians and wealthy merchants. However, as of now, Penhaligon’s still launches limited version considering the royalty. The company had made a sale of over £19.7M in 2016 alone.

What are the Ranges of Products?

As a perfume brand, Penhaligon’s comprises some of the outstanding products at its distribution. These products are still in high demand in the market across the world. Besides, Penhaligon’s issued a variety of fragrances from their archives under the Anthology collection. With that said, the brand also launched its fragrance collection inspired by the explosion of trade in London in the nineteenth century. This series was launched in the year 2014. Penhaligon’s “Juniper Sling” is one such product that has stormed the European as well as the American markets. It also comes with various flavours such as Angelica, Cardamom, Juniper berries, Cinnamon, and orange.

Win the Heart of Your Loved One

A gift is something that everyone likes; further, you can present Penhaligon’s perfume to your loved one anytime. It is known that fragrance promotes the release of oxytocin. This can also be termed as the hormone of bonding or love hormone. Penhaligon’s most elegant collection can be gifted to your friends or family members. Well, let us also remind you that the Christmas & New Year is on its way, this is the best gift that you can present this festival and make the memory of your love.

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Buy Your Favourite DOLCE & GABBANA Perfumes Online

DOLCE & GABBANA is a well-known Italian fashion brand that was started in 1985 by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.  The brand is specifically involved in developing the latest fashion accessories. The company has garnered enormous popularity in a short duration due to its exotic product line. However, the company was not made over a day. The founders first came up together in 1982, establishing a fashion consulting studio which in time, grew up to form the renowned enterprise “DOLCE & GABBANA.” Their prominence started to rise from the markets of Italy to Europe. Meanwhile, the company started capturing the American market and further opening stores in Asian countries like Japan, China, and India.


DOLCE & GABBANA Fashion Accessories

DOLCE & GABBANA designs fashionable outfits for men and women, despite that, the enterprise is also involved with many other fashion accessories like perfumes, footwear, handbags, sunglasses, cosmetics, jewellery for the customers.  This luxury fashion house includes some of the topmost dedicated designers who are involved in branding some of the appealing outfits. Hollywood glam icon Madonna stated that “Their clothes are sexy with a sense of humour like me.” One can idealize how much is the company involved in their work.

Aromas from DOLCE & GABBANA

The company has beautiful quality fragrance collections when it comes to DOLCE & GABBANA perfume. Prominent Hollywood personalities brand their products due to the soothing smell. Dolce & Gabanna’s 3 L Imperatrice is a sophisticated and stylish scent that is also an in-house design for the customers. The DOLCE & GABBANA perfume is epitomized as a class of elegance with a modern and iconic smell inspired by tarot cards. Further, DOLCE & GABBANA perfume has received various awards for their work in popularizing the importance of quality. Besides, the company branded singer /writer Colin Farrell as the ambassador for their fragrance chain.

DOLCE & GABBANA Perfume and Selected Fragrance in Demand

The latest DOLCE & GABBANA perfume are brought for our customers by 1click4all. The products are especially suggested by some of the top fashion designers from the Hollywood glamour world for our clients.  Our one such fragrance brand includes The Only One by DOLCE & GABBANA EAU DE PARFUM Spray Gift Set is made with the hypnotizing effect. Further, the perfume creates an intimate and subtle appeal to the opposite sex.

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Find the Difference between Authentic and Fake Michael Kors Bags

“Michael Kors” is a brand that echoes along with designer handbags and other fashionable accessories. A well-renowned brand and a favourite choice globally, Michael Kors Bags are high-end accessories and a luxury statement. Those who have used it will swear by its quality. But these bags are a little more on the expensive end. So grabbing it on a discounted price is a real victory. 1click4all is an online store that sells designer handbags and other products at a cheaper discounted rate. If you have any doubts regarding the authenticity of our products, you can get it cleared below!

How To Identify Fake Michael Kors Bags From The Genuine Ones?

It is not tough to spot the difference between the two. You just need to know some basic qualities of authentic Michael Kors Bags and compare it to know if it’s fake or genuine.

Serial Number

This is indeed the prime feature of all designer handbags. Authentic Michael Kors Bags will have the serial number inside the bag. The label has letters (either 1 or 2) and a dash followed by four numeric digits. If you fail to spot one, then you surely are carrying a duplicate one!


A majority of Michael Kors Bags are crafted out of saffiano leather. So do check out the quality of the bag’s fabric.

Manufacturing Quality

You will get a perfectly manufactured piece without any frays or imperfection if it’s an original Michael kors bag. High-quality designing and finishing is a sign of authenticity.

MK Logo

A metal MK logo is the sign of Michael Kors Bags. A neat and standard logo with high finish and gloss is the symbol of genuine brand. The letters M & K are closely placed inside a circular ring. The full brand name will be engraved on the downside of the circular ring neatly and clearly.  This logo can either be stitched on the bag or maybe a hanging logo.


If you have a close look at the original Michael Kors Bags, you will see neat lines of clear stitches with quality thread. A duplicate bag will have frayed stitching quality with overlapping thread work and other deformities. The stitches around the zipper are even and neat. It needs a lot of skilled labour to get such stitches and it is the most difficult feature to capture by a duplicator.


Michael Kors Bags have metal zippers with the brand name engraved on it. The letters of the logo are clean and the zippers are of supreme quality. The sound made on opening and closure is smooth and light. But a replica will have a common ‘buzzing’ sound when the zipper is stretched. Duplicate bags will have dull looking and cheap quality zippers.

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Guide to Buying Authentic Chanel Products Online

Chanel is a famous brand and renowned French Company. With a century-old foundation, it has made its way in the heart of people through its exotic products line. With an amazing logo of two inter-crossed ‘C’ letters from the English alphabet, representing ‘Coco Chanel’ it is an easily recognizable brand. Chanel has found a huge fan following all over the universe with its remarkable range of fashion wear, bags, and other accessories, makeup products, fine jewellery, skincare range and lot more. You will find Chanel lovers wherever you go!


What is Chanel Famous For?


Chanel is famous for its wide range of clothing and accessories. It also has a remarkable cosmetic and perfume range that is the preferred choice for many fashion conscious personalities. The unique designs and quality is the reason behind its wide acceptance. The brand name is synonymous with popular celebrities and Chanel is the first choice for everyone. With worldwide store locations, you will hardly fail to find a Chanel outlet in your city. You can also buy authentic Chanel products online from renowned websites with easy payment and delivery options.


Chanel Fragrances


Fragrances are a reflection of an individual’s personality. Everyone has their particular choices in the fragrance and perfume category. Chanel delivers an excellent range of perfumes and fragrances that are a mix of different floral aromas as well as woody flavours. The fragrances are unique and have a signature hint. It comes in various interestingly shaped bottles and is a favourite pick for classy and stylish souls. “CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE Eau de Parfum Intense” has found its place among the top 5 popular perfumes for fall 2018.


How to Buy Authentic Chanel Products Online?


Yes, it is exciting to know that you can buy authentic Chanel products online from some well-known websites (to avoid duplicates). Although Chanel has its official website but buying from there is not easy and convenient as their website is not shapeable. But apart from the official Channel website, many authentic sellers provide 100% genuine and authentic Chanel products online at reasonable pricing. You can now easily buy Chanel online from your comfort couch!


1click4all- Genuine Seller of Chanel Products.


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Nail Care- An Essential Beauty Routine

Nails are an underestimated part of our body and we often tend to ignore its well being and importance. It is necessary to indulge in nail care as you do take care of your other body parts. You need to follow certain steps and rules so that your fingernails, as well as toenails, stay healthy and shining. Germs and infection are the major cause of nail decay. The deficiency of essential nutrients in the body can be one more reason for chapped nails. So what can you do to protect your talons? This blog is will take you through various nail care procedures that you can easily follow in your day to day routine.

How Can Nail Care Be Done Easily At Home?

Keep Your Fingernails Clean

Always clean your fingernails with lukewarm water and a mild soapy solution. Clean it with gentle strokes of the nail brush. Do not allow dirt to accumulate that can lead to bacterial growth.

Treat Your Nails with Love

Nails are delicate parts and you must handle it with extreme politeness and care. A vigorous thrust can lead to breakage and chapping off. Nail care does not come easy and needs a lot of attention!

Trim Your Nails and Shape Them

Nail grows continuously and so it is important to trim then and cut them with the help of a nail cutter and shape them with a nail file. Maintaining shape and length is an important nail care essential.

Maintain a Set of Nail Tools and Sanitize Them

You can buy a set of nail filer, nail cleaning brush and other nail tools and use them for your regular nail care routine. It is important to clean these tools for better nail health.

Basecoat Application Protects Nails

After a round of cleaning, you are always advised to apply a base coat to your nails. This not only protects them from chapping or clipping but also imparts a healthy shine to your nails.

Nail Paint Imparts Color As Well As Provides a Coating

The last and final gift that you can give to your nails is to bathe them in beautiful hue and color. Good quality nail paint can enhance the overall look of your nails!

How to Choose a Nail Polish?

Always read the label mentioned on the nail polish bottle. Whenever you purchase skincare or hair care products, you always make sure to check for the toxicity levels. But people generally tend to ignore and check the quality of the nail paint! A good quality nail polish not only protects your nails and imparts pretty visibility, it also checks on nail’s brittleness and chapping off! Brands such as Sally Hansen manufactures complete nail care range and their nail polish is a favorite among people. You can give it a try and check it out.

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Know About Hair-care Products for Beautiful Tresses

Hair is the ultimate beauty accessory that you possess. Some are gifted with dark black hair and some are blessed with beautiful golden locks. Whatever may be the colour of your strands, its quality and styling has to be taken care of. You need to maintain it with a lot of hair care products and routine. A healthy hair is the sign of a healthy inner body and you need to eat healthy to get the perfect looking cascade of hair.

Some Important Points to Remember In Hair Care Routine

You need to maintain a proper hair care routine to get past all the problems. Some basic points to follow are:

• Keep your scalp clean. A dirty scalp attracts dandruff, tangles, itchy scalp, and many other hair issues. A mild shampoo can be used to wash your hair and keep it clean and healthy.
• Always nourish and moisturize your hair with a good quality conditioner or hair oil. Lack of moisture results in dull-looking locks.
• Go for regular trim and cuts. This removes the split ends and rough edges.
• Never tie up the hair tightly
• Check for unusual hair fall
• Always use quality and branded hair care products.

Some Common Hair Care Products and Their Uses:

Shampoo- Cleans the scalp and removes dirt. A good quality mild shampoo is gentle on the hair and keeps your hair undamaged.

Conditioner- An important application after shampooing! You should always condition your hair to lock in the moisture and give your hair a final rinse.

Hair Oils and Serums- Oiling your hair nourish it and deep condition it. Serums eradicate frizz and dullness.

Hair Masks/ Hair Creams- You need to give proper nourishment to your hair and for the purpose hair mask and creams are applied from time to time (say weekly) so that your hair grows well and maintains its quality.

Online Hair Care Products

Online shopping is the latest trend and people prefer purchasing things from an online shop rather than local stores. This is because of the easy availability of favourite brands and cheap pricing on online products. Local store may run out of stock at times but the huge warehouse of an online shop, always have the products in stock. 1click4all is the best online shopping destination for shopaholics and our loyal customers swear by the pricing and the product quality we sell. Trusted brands such as Versace and L’occitane have amazing hair care products and you can try them with ease. Our vast website has numerous segments dedicated to various cosmetic products, accessories, home needs, and many different items. We sell genuine and authentic products and have ranges from almost all big brands.

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Buy Affordable Women’s Designer Handbags

Handbags are every woman’s obsession! No outfit or no look is complete without carrying a posh handbag, to stock in all the belongings that are needed. It is the most needed accessory that can add a touch of glamour to your appearance. And having a brand logo on the handbag elevates its social worth by more than a million times and gives class to your overall fashion statement. Available in different patterns and colours, these handbags are a must-have for any occasion and you cannot go without it.

Why Are Women’s Designer Handbags an Obsession? 


Women’s Designer Handbags are the latest trend and every fashion designer swears by the glam quotient it provides! Even if you are casually dressed, just possessing a branded purse or handbag can make you feel and looks like a celebrity. Women’s Designer Handbags can be purchased from an online store where you can grab huge discounts and offers as compared to local stores. It is their luxury and class that makes them hugely popular!

Cheap Bags Vs Designer Handbags


A cheap handbag and a designer piece stand apart in quality and style. You can easily point out the difference as the designer pieces are unique and eye-catching. The material, the fabric, the embroidery work or the stonework are all of the superior quality. Women’s Designer Handbags can be easily recognized from a bunch of cheap quality replicas. Buying from a popular shop assures you an authentic purchase. These stores can be situated at a nearby shopping mall or you can also catch a buy at an authentic online shop.

1 Click 4 All– Popular Online Store for Women’s Designer Handbags


We are 1Click4all, a famous online shop for branded items. We sell handbags, cosmetics & perfumes, home accessories, shoes, suitcase, and travel bags, wellness products, and many items for your daily needs. There is hardly any global brand that we do not sell! Our collection of Women’s Designer Handbagwill surprise you as there are high-end brands in our store. Some of the popular handbags brands that we store are:


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Why Buy From Us?

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