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Perfumes are sweet intoxicating sensation that can readily enhance your mood and when it comes to Victoria’s secret, the bombshell mist is something that has ensured women go gaga. A glamourous mist of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la yellow peony and vanilla orchid, the bombshell makes you feel the power of femininity. Further, it makes you complete with its outlandish signature scent. Even the company confides with a strong title “Sexy today. Sexy tomorrow. Sexy forever.” So be it a party, your office or home, a mist after a shower will invigorate an energized feeling.

1click4all, a leading online fashion store is for ladies who seek to invest in an authentic and quality cosmetic item. Now, hunting for beauty products won’t be a hurdle. Similarly, our store also comes up with a jaw-dropping seasonal discount that helps you save reverentially. With the arrays of fragrance at our store,  the Victoria secret bombshell body mist ranks at the top due to its appealing odour. On the other hand, this product gives an intense challenge to other scents in the market, precisely the Estee lauder Aerin perfume. However, here we let our readers more information on why the bombshell mist has a great market.

Perfume for Every Occasion

The Victoria’s secret bombshell mist is something that matches with your day to day life. What you should also know is that the bombshell mist comes with a glamorous mix of vanilla orchid, along with purple passion fruit and Shangri-la yellow penny. The company has innovatively designed the perfume so that it nether focuses on intense sensation nor undertones its effectivity.

Long-lasting Fragrance

Unlike other perfumes, Victoria’s secret offers a strong odour that lasts all day. This gives great confidence specially when its summers. Moreover, most of the ladies have stated that just a pinch drop of perfume lasts all day. However, perfumers have claimed the bombshell mist to be effective for over eight hours. So, be it a date or a formal meeting, the bombshell mist will never let you down.

Attractive Smell at Minimum Price

Victoria’s Secret is well known to offer cosmetic items at the most exciting price. You can get expensive products as well as items that are basically launched for working ladies. The Victoria secret bombshell body mist is a rare product from the company that offers appealing scent at the most economical rate. This being one of the various reasons why the body mist has stormed the market.

Why Us?

As mentioned earlier, 1click4all is a leading online store that offers genuine cosmetic products. We are one of the very few companies that ship products directly from the manufacturer. Moreover, our years of experience has made us an excellent online selling service with a growing number of customers. We, therefore, look at providing some of the finest quality beauty products at the most affordable rate. We also come up with many discounts!


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