Penhaligon's Luna

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Who doesn’t like perfumes and if its Penhaligon’s, you’ll probably fall in love with its fragrance. The company is well known for its pleasant and unique fragrance. Some of the well-known bottle from Penhaligon includes Floral, Fougere, Cypher and Oriental. Known for its distinct and touching smell, the Luna from Penhaligon’s has stormed the market. This model not only matches your taste but also creates a positive vibe thereby making your day more optimistic.

A little history is good for you when it comes to selecting the right perfume. It has been recorded that Romans used a great variety of perfumes which further shifted to other parts of Europe. Moreover, industrialization had a terrific impact on its growth. From aromas to herbs and favoured cologne, the world started exploring the smell of nature. Similar is that with Penhaligon’s. Here we are going to know some of the interesting factors about Penhaligon’sLuna which is one of the most liked perfumes.

Delicate and Ethereal

The Luna is well known for its scintillating smell. Moreover, it comes with various natural aromas that offer a realistic view of nature. Most of the ladies who use Penhaligon’sluna find it irresistible and alluring. In fact, their partners feel much more attracted even after applying a tinge of perfume. The Luna offers a romantic and feminine vibe adding dominance to your character.

Floral Ubiquity

There is a strong resemblance of floral fragrance when it comes to the Luna. Penhaligon’s fragrance guarantees you the  “feel good” nature all the time. This is the only perfume in the market that won’t make you tire or get sick. The real smell seems like that of citrus but once you spray it, Luna captivates floral taste of sweetrose along with Turkish delight. What is more interesting is the different notes of smell that it offers.

Long-lasting Elegance

Most of the perfumes have a very short-lasting period. In fact, there is a common myth revolving the market. The stronger the odour the shorter it lasts. But Penhaligon’sLuna just turned that myth down. The Luna has a strong feminine vibrant smell with a long-lasting elegance. Some of the users even claim the perfume to last more than a day. So, ladies be it summer or winter, this should be your favourite choice.

Is It Really Worth It?

No, it’s not worth it unless you get yourself and try it out. Moreover, you walk down to any perfume store and check how excellent the product is. Penhaligon’s offers several perfumes and the company made a sale of over £19.7M in 2016 due to their influence. So, whether you are planning to gift it or you want to explore the range of perfume line, Penhaligon’s should be the first on your bucket list.

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