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There are varieties of perfumes available in the market but when it comes to Victoria’s Secret, no company can give it a tussle. With so many perfumes in the market, Victoria’s Secret is cherished by women of all the age group. It is rightly said the fragrance never dies and the company has equally focused deep into its perfumes. Well, Angel from Victoria’s Secret is something that women really want to possess. In fact, in a short interview, we also came across why ladies are so much fond of the Angel. Here, we have collected a few reasons why the company needs to start rethinking about re-marketing the fragrance.

But, before that, you should also understand that there are several factors when selecting perfumes. These includes

  • Perspiration
  • Skin PH
  • Skin Profile
  • Skin fat content

There is a great deal of science behind the perfume. In fact, fragrance can smell one way when inside the bottle and the other way when wearing it. But, the Angel from Victoria’s Secret is something that even the experts find hard to answer. Therefore, it is best to grab a bottle for oneself and experience the art of sublime aroma.

As you stick with us, we will tellyou why women go gaga when it is Angel from Victoria’s Secret

Fragrance Factor

The sole purpose of any fragrance is to smell you good. Many perfumes in the market may satisfy your need but it ends up after being exposed to the customers. But what is different with the Angel is the natural aromas offers an everlasting blend with your body. Moreover, this bottle of aroma comes with varieties of ingredients thatchurns the flavour of ecstasy. This is why women are fond of it.


Perfumes have a very deep connection with the weather. You must have even felt that the tone of your perfume slightly differentiate when there is a change in the weather. The chemical composition present in the fragrance turns up your sense organ. Even if it is a natural aromatic smell just like the Angel from Victoria’s Secret, weather duly affects the fragrance. Similarly, hot weather evaporates the aroma so you may need a little stronger smell whereas cold weather intensifies the fragrance. The Angel works best in moderate to cold weather.


Perfumes are best known for sensualising your mood. So, be it a party or a formal meeting, a little tinge of fragrance can make your day more confident. On the other hand, if you are looking for a perfume that suits your daily life, Victoria’s Secret is the best option. The bottle offers a smell that is unique and exquisite. It adds a sense of pride and charisma to your outlook.


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