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Victoria’s Secret has never led down its customer when it comes to its products. With a wide range of beauty and skincare products, women love the collection that this brand offers. What is more interesting to know is that the company always focuses on innovative products. The merchandises come with an ecstatic design which is itself pioneering. Therefore, the fragrance blend is worth mentioning.

The latest bottle from Victoria Secret Body Mist is way different from the traditional one. It is well admired by users for its crisp and fresh scent. If you are looking for the perfect body mist, the mist from Victoria’s Secret is something you should go for. However, here we specialize a few of the jaw-dropping facts why the Body Mist is so popular amongst women.


Body Mist offers a clean and fresh scent. The perfect combination of fragrance has been added with fresh icy marine crystals which is why it offers freshness. On the other side, it also shares floral touch which helps to dominate the surroundings. The company has really worked hard to bring such an amazing appeal. The company rightly claims about the new look with even better than ever formula that the mist has to offer. This is something that women don’t find it left out, unlike other perfumes which lack serenity.

Powerful Stay

The perfume’s fragrance is pretty powerful. It can be claimed that this perfume lasts more than any average fragrance in the market. The company claims the stay to be over 5 hours. On, the other hand, Victoria’s Secret Mist can also be blended with its other products which is something new in the market. Moreover, the Mist offers a feminine fragrance best if you plan for a romantic date. The invigorating senses garner a refreshing aroma. If you are an aqua scent lover, the Victoria Secret Body Mist will make you fall in love.


Victoria’s Secret has equally focused on its size as well as shape. The latest bottle comes with an ombre effect. The gold round cap signifies the companies mark. The quantity of the mist is pretty much satisfactory as per the pay. The bottle is a little heavy but it is handy as well. Interestingly, the nozzle is well designed which makes it quite innovative, A simple spray is much more swift and relaxing.

Customer’s Viewpoint

Our team also went for a short interview to find how the product ranks. Nine out of ten women liked the product due to its exclusive aroma. On the other hand, the body mist from Victoria’s Secret offers an ecstatic smell due to varieties of ingredients. This is one of the reasons why the perfume has a great influence.

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